Janus Logistics Technologies: Redefining Supply Chain

For Brian Simons, CEO of Janus Logistics Technologies, the primary rule has always been the ability to connect the value one brings to the marketplace with a specific problem the clients (or potential clients) are trying to solve.

“If you start with an idea that is interesting but not valuable, you will fail. If you start with empirical evidence and real-world problems, you will be successful,” says Brian.

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Janus Logistics Technologies: Digitizing the Entire Supply Chain

Peter Drucker, the famous management consultant, educator, and author, writes, “It is the customer who determines what a business is, what it produces, and whether it will prosper.” Whereas, in modern economics, the customer also has a stake in how the product reaches them and the way the process should be streamlined.

This dogma of streamlining the product distribution process, originating from Fredrick Taylor, the father of scientific management, has gained momentum in recent decades as ‘supply chain management.’

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Janus CEO Brian Simons on the Mystical Skill of Pitching Your Idea to the C-suite

Bestselling author Ben Fanning interviewed the Janus CEO, Brian Simons, including some terrific insights on the mystical skill of pitching your idea to the CEO and...

  • The story of a surprise trip to the US Open Tennis Final.
  • What the participation in athletics teaches you about leadership.
  • How to pursue an ambitious career.
  • The difficult story of having to fire a friend.

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Automation - A game of enabling humans to achieve super-human results

Automation, innovation, and technology are critical terms that have become nearly trite in recent years. The supply chain and logistics functions of any company are often a target for technology because so much expense is consumed on land, labor and capital (inventory and equipment) that companies are forced to look for savings related to these cost buckets.

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Digitizing the Service Supply Chain to Drive Customer Value

The Service Council's Chris Gera, Managing Director & EVP of Research, recently sat down with Brian Simons, CEO of Janus Logistics Technologies, to learn more about how Janus is revolutionizing the supply chain industry by redefining service parts logistics with a digital, customer-centric model.

Listen to their podcast to learn how the digital supply chain works, the strategy behind it and what's necessary to make it successful.

The Customer-First Digital Supply Chain Model

As companies transition to a digital supply chain model, it’s important to understand the details of how it works, the strategy behind it and what’s necessary to make it successful. A digital supply chain focuses on three key elements – technology, data and agility. It’s high-tech, happening in real time and with complete visibility throughout the process. It’s all about knowing where your inventory is, ensuring accuracy and determining the shortest route to its destination. Implementing a digital supply chain offers a significant competitive advantage and will require businesses to develop a new strategy and train staff to properly execute the process and understand the technology.

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